This program started from May 2013 and it is still ongoing until end fo November 2013, where the Committee will choose a winner.

Program Excerpt

Many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) enhance their competitiveness by staying in the forefront by developing products/solutions on emerging technologies. Generally, most ISVs may go through a steep and long learning curve to understand the inner workings of emerging technologies. Technology Acceleration Programme (TAP) aimed at helping companies accelerate technology adoption by providing them access to technology experts and resources residing outside of their companies. The accelerated technology adoption translates to potential shorter development cycle of innovative products. In this tripartite arrangement, companies will undergo an accelerated early adopter programme to enhance their knowledge on how best to leverage on NVIDIA architecture and MIMOS technologies, while building their innovative solutions on GPU computing technologies that meet market demand.

Eligibility Criteria

MSC Malaysia Status Companies with at least 50% Malaysian owned are eligible to apply.

Programme Benefits:
  • Incentive of RM7,000 is awarded to successful applicants
  • Increase companies’ product offerings which will potentially increase companies’ revenue
  • Develop the companies’ capabilities on how best to tap into NVIDIA architecture to get the best results
  • Use of local grown technologies from MIMOS for performance accelerations
  • Improve companies’ commercialisation rate by enhancing product quality and tapping into NVIDIA marketplace